20 Churches In Goa That Are Prestige Of Its Glorious Past

It’s 2017, and still, this place is known for excitement just, liberality, and support is much the same as fifteenth century Portuguese territory requiring just an eye-overflowing with strive after new encounters. Genuinely, this side of Goa exists! The dazzling spots

of love in Goa with its superlative blend of Indian and Portuguese outline give a glance at this side which must be researched on your next vacay in Goa.

Watch these mesmerizing sanctuaries and guarantee that they incorporate into your Goa trip.

Why visit Churches in Goa?

*You get the chance to witness the fifteenth century refined building imagination of Portuguese joined with the talented undertakings of our Indian workers

*Enlightens you regarding some dark substances joined to the religious traditions and services of Goa

*You get the chance to hear the chronicled stories of Portuguese run the show

*Next time someone gets some data about Goa, let them know there is an entire other world to Goa other than   gatherings and shorelines

Top Churches In Goa For Your Next Trip!

1. Basilica of Bom Jesus

Of all the Churches in Goa, Basilica of Bom Jesus is the regularly gone to. Owing its world to Jesuits who came to India in the fifteenth century, this is a standout amongst the most prepared places of love in Goa returning to 1594. With its nitty gritty works of important stones, the incorrupted array of St.Francis Xavier, and illusory works of impressionist painter, Dom Martin Basilica Bom of Jesus captivates of astonishment each one who visits.

Area: Old Goa Rd, Bainguinim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1605

Mass timings: Sunday Mornings – 8 AM to 9:15 AM (English) | Evening – 6 PM (Konkani) | Weekday Mornings – 7 AM to 8 AM, 6pm

2. Se Cathedral

Inferable from its brilliant plan the Se Cathedral is the best of all places of love and groups of Goa. It was attempted to perceive the triumph of Portuguese oversee over India giving it to St. Catherine. Hotel the Great Golden Bell and having gotten the conjuring of Pope as the Golden Rose, this place has an astoundingly unmistakable supernatural air to it.

Area: Velha, Goa

Year of foundation: 1640

Mass timings: Sunday – 7:30 AM, 10 AM, and 4 PM | Weekday – 7:30 AM and 6 PM

3. Church of Our Lady of the Mount

Orchestrated on the ‘Monte’ the Church of our lady of the Mount is the most understood old Goa church. Perfect beside Se Cathedral, this assembly offers entrancing points of view of Mandovi stream, Chorao islands, and Old Goa amidst the new feel of enveloping slants and has also incorporated into movies like All The Best and Zeher.

Area: Ella, Goa

Year of foundation: 1510

Mass timings: Weekdays – 9 AM to 7 PM | Sundays – 9 AM to 12 PM

4. Church of St. Cajetan

Shown on the St. Diminish’s Basilica, in the Vatican city, the Church of St. Cajetan is a champion among the most flawless of spots of love in South Goa. With its Corinthian Architecture and Baroque style carvings, the assemblage incredibly delineates the great Portuguese Era and in this manner brags countless all around the world.

Area: Velha, Goa

Year of foundation: 1661

Mass timings: 7 AM to 12 twelve and 4 PM to 7 PM

5. Mae De Deus Church

With its extraordinary house like auxiliary layout and perfect white dividers, Mae De Deus Church is the principle church in Goa in the Neo-Gothic style. Having stunning plated and cut embellishment including the incredible Mae De Deus Statue, this present church’s perfection with lighting up is enchanting amid the night. Thusly, drawing more admirers around night time.

Area: Chogm Rd, Saligao, Goa

Year of foundation: 1873

Mass timings: Weekdays – 7 AM and 8 AM | Sundays – 7 AM, 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM

6. Three Kings Chapel

Spots of love are attempted to give God’s magnificence and protection on individuals thusly to evade the forces of wisdom. Regardless, the Three Kings Chapel is one of the spots of love recounting an account of unquenchability and envy through the closeness of insidiousness essentialness there. The gathering boasts innumerable spooky and hidden legends appealing various to visit this place to get an immediate difficulty.

Area: Muder, Cansaulim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1721

7. St. Diogo’s Church

The St. Diogo’s congregation is a lovely church developed in a Neo-Roman style, worked by benefactors of .St. Diogo. The congregation is bestowed with 5 elaborate sacred places and 3 chimes making it the most unmistakable of all the holy places in North Goa.

Area: Guirim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1604

Mass timings: Weekdays – 7 AM | Sunday – 7 AM, 9 AM, 10:15 AM

8. Santa Cruz Church

Beginning as a little place of affection, the Santa Cruz Church a little bit at a time framed into what it is today, filling in as one of the greatest regions in Goa. As being produced in the Neo-Roman style it is an exquisite blend of Indian and European culture revealing the stupendous past of Goa.

Area: Santa Cruz, Goa

Year of foundation: 1547

Mass timings: Weekdays – 6:30 AM and 7:15 AM | Sundays – 6:30 AM, 7:15 AM, 9 AM, 10 AM, and 5:30 PM

9. Church of Our Lady of Immaculate Conception

With its extraordinary building and creative beauty care products, the Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Church is a particularly old pearl in the once-over of places of love in Goa. People visit this assemblage with remarkable devotion to experience the illogical powers of the Lord. Extraordinary compared to other spots to visit in North Goa, this assembly has a freely specific appearance inferable from the twofold flights of steps befuddling over the incline on which the gathering is masterminded. The assemblage is renowned for an out of date ringer that is acknowledged to be the second greatest of its kind in Goa.

Area: Rua Emidio Garcia, Panjim, Goa 403001

Year of foundation: 1609

Mass timings: All days 7 AM to 5:30 PM

10. St Alex Church

With a wonderful arch in the center and two towers, the St. Alex Church is known for its remarkable design among all the holy places in Panjim, Goa. The congregation is devoted to St. Alex and Our woman, has a resplendent cave and seven holy places giving it a particular element.

Area: Bardez Taluka, Calangute, Goa

Year of foundation: 1576

Mass timings: Weekday – 6:45 AM, 7:45 AM, 5 PM | Sunday – 6:15 AM, 7:30 AM, 8:45 AM, 5 PM

11. Holy Cross Shrine

The Holy Cross Shrine is fairly late association when diverged from various blessed places in North Goa. The gathering is adored by people of all convictions and is gone to before any basic administration. It is a superb layout of religious concordance which can be gotten a fast take a gander at consistently.

Area: Siridao, Goa

Year of foundation: 1995

Mass timings: Weekdays – 5:30 AM (Konkani ) 5 PM (Konkani) 7:30 AM (Konkani) | Sundays – 7:20 AM (Konkani), 10 AM (Konkani – Chapters Mass)

12. St. Andrew’s Church

This thoughtful working of white veneer has a standout amongst the most wonderfully ornamented insides in contrast with different places of worship in Goa. With a brilliant unadulterated tinge to its inside and all around looked after caves, St.Andrew’s Church is the most well known site in Vasco.

Area: Mormugao region close Panjim, Vasco Da Gama, India

Year of foundation: 1570

Mass timings: Weekdays – 5.30 AM to 7 AM, 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM | Sunday – 5.30 AM to 7 AM, 9 AM to 5 PM

13. Our Lady of the Lourdes Church

With a ringer at the best and Neo-Roman style plan, this gathering is next to no when diverged from various places of love in the town, yet has reached out at last inferable from different disciples it gets. The painted glass and white facade of the gathering gives a tranquil touch to it.

Area: Near Railway Crossing, Utorda, Goa.

Year of foundation: 1913

Mass timings: Weekdays – 6:30 AM | Sunday – 8:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 5 PM

14. Church of the Cross of Miracles

This sixteenth century structure as yet remaining as an unfaltering building is an ideal case of quality and backbone. Albeit now it remains as a chronicled demolish as among the chapels in North Goa, this place draws a tremendous measure of guests who simply need to encounter the phenomenal forces this place has.

Area: Bainguinim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1619

15. St. Clara’s Church

St. Clara’s Church is a standout amongst the most settled spots of love in Goa. The incorporating rich green forests and an unadulterated white outside gives a fanciful story like impression to every visitor. Nevertheless, its past was not too peaceful as it is by and by. The assembly had been ambushed a couple of times and was imitated each time demonstrating its quality and people’s constancy.

Area: Assonora, Goa

Year of foundation: 1768

Mass timings: Weekdays – 6:45 AM (Konkani) | Sundays – 7 AM (Konkani) 8:30 AM (Konkani and English on the second Sunday)

16. Chapel of Saint Sebastian

This little white-shaded church is a remarkable vacation destination of Panjim. The trust that is joined to this well known church in Panjim is that the “striking cross,” which was initially set in the Palace of Inquisition, has the forces to rebuff and reward individuals as indicated by their deeds.

Area: Altinho, Panjim, Goa 403001

Year of foundation: 1818

Mass timings: Weekdays – 6:45 AM | Sunday – 6:15 AM, 7:30 AM and 8:45 AM

17. Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church

Arranged on the banks of Mandovi conduit, Our Lady of Penha de Franca Church is a champion among the most magnificent of blessed spots. The assemblage is gave with pleasant greatness and additionally has impeccably embellished inner parts reflecting the creativity of those conditions.

Area: Britona Road, Bardez, Goa.

Year of foundation: 1655

Mass timings: Weekdays – 6:30 AM (Konkani), 7:15 AM (Konkani) and 8 AM (Konkani) | Sundays – 6:15 AM (Konkani), 7:30 AM (Konkani) and 9 AM (Konkani)

18. Church of St. Francis of Assisi

The St Francis Church Goa was developed by the Franciscan Friars, and is a stunning mix of Tuscan, lavish and Corinthian styles, making it not the same as better places of love in the town. Other than cabin a group, the most perceiving feature of this assemblage, it moreover joins a Museum showing works of art, models, and antiquated rarities which give a glance at Goa’s lifestyle and past.

Area: Off National Highway 4, Velha Goa

Year of foundation: 1661

Mass timings: Weekdays – 5 PM (English) | Sunday – 9 AM and 11 AM (English) and 5 PM (Konkani)

19. St. John the Baptist Church

The St. John the Baptist Church, is a standout amongst the most well known church in Goa. Arranged over the slope, it has the most exquisite of sacrificial stones and displays actuating individuals to visit this white-washed church.

Area: Benaulim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1956

Mass timings: Weekdays – 7 AM (Konkani) | Sundays – 6:15 AM (Konkani) and 7:45 PM (Konkani)

20. St. Elizabeth’s Church

With Christ’s statue featuring at the most astounding purpose of the gathering, St. Elizabeth’s Church is one of the Old Goa church worked in the rich Mannerist style and including luxurious features. But once annihilated in a staggering storm, St. Elizabeth’s Church is a champion among the most brilliant heavenly places in Goa inferable from its incredible upkeep reliably.

Area: Aldona, Balbot, Ucassaim, Goa

Year of foundation: 1708

Mass timings: Sunday and Saturday – 6 AM to 7 PM


What is the best time to visit Goa?

A. The best time to visit Goa is from mid-November till mid-February. Be that as it may, the climate is pleasuring during the time which adds to the colossal measure of guests it pulls in.

What are the significant celebrations in Goa?

A. The real celebrations celebrated in Goa are Shigmo, Three Kings Feast, St. Xavier’s devour, Christmas, Sao Joao celebration, Bonderam celebration, and considerably more.

What is the Feast of the 3 Kings?

A. The Feast of The Three Kings is commended 12 days after Christmas on sixth January in the memory of the 3 Wise Men (additionally called the Three Kings) who went to Baby Jesus in Bethlehem.

What are the knapsack basics when going to Goa?

A. The rucksack fundamentals must incorporate shades, sunscreen, bathing suit, caps, toiletries and therapeutic supplies and the vital things of the day or anything that you may discover essential.

How to achieve Goa?

A.Goa is particularly connected with both major and minor Indian urban territories through genuine strategies for transport.

By means of Air: The Dabolim Airport, Panjim and Mumbai International Airport are the nearest air terminals to accomplish Goa.

By means of Train: Madgaon Railway Station and Thivim Railway Station are the two railroad station arranged in Goa.

By Road: Goa is related through NH 4A, NH 17, NH 17A therefore one can accomplish Goa by methods for these expressways ensuring that Goa road trip is a conventional option.

Tempting, right! These stunning heavenly places in Goa verifiably justify a visit on your next outing to Goa. You can examine these through the choicest of versatile and spending design well disposed Goa visit bundles offered by affirmed authorities in TheTravelius that let you research Goa on your terms. Think about any all the additionally stunning Goa places of love? Place them in the comments underneath!

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