Best Places To Explore On A Honeymoon Trip To Seychelles

It is ordinary to watch the earth to be incredible at the in-house bars of the  And the private devouring office at the Beach Bar and Grill of Constance Lemuria is the same. Despite a grouping of blended drinks, pack angle dishes are furthermore open. In addition, the points of view of the Kerlan bays from here add to the interest of the place.

Other shoreline bars and diners in Praslin: Britannia Restaurant at Britannia Hotel, Capricorn Restaurant at Islander’s’ Guesthouse, bar at Indian Ocean Lodge, and Mango Terrace Restaurant and Bar at Hotel Coco de Mer

Furthermore for dinner in Seychelles: Sunset dinner ventures are available in Seychelles. Wayfarers can travel in the ocean waters and value the bewitching dusk sees, while getting a charge out of Creole rarities.

The people at TheTravelius got us associated with different operators locally available their commercial center and we picked Holiday Box as our favored travel accomplice. Obviously, this was an awesome choice since from the earliest starting point of the trek till the end, they oversaw everything flawlessly.

Be that as it may, previously, I expound on our outing, here are a couple of points of interest for you individuals who too are searching for an outing to this heaven.

  • Trip Type: Honeymoon trip to Seychelles
  • Duration: 9 Nights 10 Days
  • Cost: INR 2,44,000
  • Inclusions: Hotels, Transfers, Meals, Sightseeing, and Taxes
  • Exclusion: Personal expenses and activities

An account of our honeymoon trip to Seychelles

Day 1: From Mumbai to Seychelles, with love!

We began our adventure from Aurangabad and achieved Mumbai with a flight postponement of 1.5 hours because of the downpours. Later on, from Mumbai to Seychelles, there was another postponement of 3 hours (same reason) however at last, when we handled, all our weariness vanished when we perceived how delightful the island country was.

We met a movement representative from the Holiday Box at the air terminal who assumed us to a position where we could gather our things and spruce up. Afterward, he dropped us at a port in Mahe, from where we were exchanged to our hotel – Coco de Mer inn and dark parrot suites in Praslin.

This inn was precisely as the specialist had portrayed and I was satisfied to find that it offered a similar affair. Since we were worn out from our adventure, our rest of the day was spent here as it were.

Day 2: Sightseeing in Seychelles

Post breakfast today, our touring visit began with a trek to Vallee de Mai, a Nature Reserve that is well known for its palm timberland and the Coco de Mer, the world’s heaviest nut. It takes around 70 years for this nut to ready and it was really an enjoyment to see it. Aside from the nut, the save is additionally well known for the dark parrot which is found here however sadly, we couldn’t spot one.

After returning back to our inn, we discovered we had gotten a complimentary overhaul on our room and this abandons saying, however we were very content with the same.

Day 3: A leisure day at the resort

The people at this resort took such great care of us that we needed to remain here until the end of time! We even got a complimentary cake and shimmering wine in the respect of our marriage.

Day 4: Hello La Digue!

We looked at of our inn today and were exchanged to the La Digue island by means of a ship. This island, which is likewise known as lovers island is loaded with nature, has calm shorelines, less autos, generally cycles, and a peaceful vibe that can’t be coordinated.

At night after we had registered with our inn (La Digue Island Lodge) and loose for some time, my significant other and I contracted cycles and approached investigating the island all alone. Investing energy with my better half investigating the island was extremely romantic and we adored all of each other’s organization here.

Day 5: Visiting one of the best beaches in the world – Grand Anse

We had a stunning day today and it was for the most part spent at the incredibly beautiful Grand Anse beach. Other times, when we were not at the shoreline, we investigated the island all alone yet were guided by the proprietor of Holiday Box. He educated us concerning the best spots to visit in La Digue and additionally about the sustenance spots. Generally speaking, the day was spent great and cycling around with my affection on this island was really a sentimental affair.

Day 6: Kempinski Seychelles Resort in Mahe

We looked at of our inn today and were exchanged back to Mahe by means of a ship. After achieving the land, we registered with our new resort –  Kempinski Seychelles Resort, and trust me when I say, it was an out of the world experience. This resort hadEVERYTHING, including boundless free drinking water. There were beaches, astounding Indian nourishment, sports and watersports equipment, excellent room administration and best of the class cordiality.

The people at this resort took such great care of us that we needed to remain here until the end of time! We even got a complimentary cake and shimmering wine in the respect of our marriage.

Day 7: Mahe Island sightseeing and tour

This day on our special first night outing to Seychelles, we completed a ton of touring in Mahe. From hypnotizing nature to wildernesses, greenery, trees, tortoise, to the history and culture – we saw everything and had an awesome time.

We even went to the astonishing man-made Eden Island and had a lunch at its super Indian eatery. The sustenance here was great and being unadulterated veggie lovers in a beach front nation, it was an alleviation.

Day 8: Leisure Day

This was another of our recreation days in Seychelles and we invested it having a wonderful energy in our stunning resort. From the pool to swimming, we did everything and had an awesome time enjoying some legitimate Indian sustenance.

Day 9: St Anne Pvt Island Resort – a gem of a place for honeymooners!

We looked at of Kempinski today and honestly did not think there could be any resort superior to it – we weren’t right

St Anne Pvt Island Resort was the best experience we had in Seychelles and we would recollect it for whatever is left of our life. This “estate just” private island resort is set in the midst of one of the biggest marine stops on the planet and is amazingly delightful and quiet. The manors are restrictive and just to achieve the gathering, one needs to utilize a golf truck. There are ocean scaffolds to reach starting with one place then onto the next and here we saw a great deal of marine life including tortoise, sharks, stingrays, starfish and significantly more.

At night, there was a staggeringly sentimental candlelight supper composed for us and it was here that we felt that our special first night trek to Seychelles was finished.

Day 10: Our special first night outing to Seychelles arrives at an end

This was our last day in Seychelles and after breakfast and lunch, we had speedy glass base vessel ride to appreciate the marine magnificence of this island one final time. It was dreamlike and we spotted a considerable amount of fishes. Afterward, we looked at of the lodging at 5 (late checkout) and were exchanged back to the airplane terminal for a smooth progress and flight back to Mumbai.

Our wedding trip in Seychelles was straight out of a photo book. It had everything several wants including security and that’s just the beginning. There are such huge numbers of pleasant recollections in our healthy that now when we glance back at them, it conveys an enormous grin to our countenances.


Our special first night outing to Seychelles had numerous high focuses. From tranquil shorelines to serene strolls to wildernesses and pleasant landscapes – everything felt like a fantasy and we delighted in each moment of our chance spent here.

Kempinski Resort Seychelles and St Anne Pvt Island Resort are two places each couple should remain in Seychelles for they give brilliant friendliness as well as an amazing knowledge.

Low Point:

The main low point for us would be nourishment since we are unadulterated veggie lovers and albeit more often than not, all things be well-taken care off, there were a few minutes when the sustenance was inadmissible. For this, as exhorted by our operator, we had our own particular bundled nourishment to help us.

Tips for kindred future explorers:

Get your cash traded from neighborhood cash trade focuses in Seychelles and never get them changed over from lodging or air terminal.

Veggie lovers should convey their own particular bundled nourishments, to be safe, they can’t locate a few (extremely uncommon).

Despite the fact that Euros are acknowledged all over, it is prudent that one changes over a touch of their cash in the neighborhood money too just in the event that somebody declines to acknowledge Euros (exceptionally uncommon).

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